SSC Routine 2023

SSC Routine 2023: Guide to Bangladesh’s Secondary School Certificate Exam Schedule (এসএসসি নতুন রুটিন)

The 2023 SSC Routine for the Bangladesh Education Board can be found on their website, Today, they will release the SSC Routine specifically for the Dhaka Board, so you can download it if needed. These routines are for the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and similar exams, which are set to begin in February 2024. Both the SSC Exam and the Dakhil Exam for 2024 will start on the same date.


It’s worth mentioning that the Dakhil examination, which is equivalent to SSC but under the Madrasha Board, will commence in April 2023. In Bangladesh, the basic, secondary, and higher education sectors comprise the three main educational phases.


The exact publication date for the SSC Routine in 2024 isn’t set in stone; it’s determined by the Bangladesh Education Board. However, typically, they release the SSC Routine around December 2023. So, you can expect the schedule for the SSC exams to be available shortly.


After completing their studies in the tenth grade satisfactorily, students will need to take the SSC exam in order to receive a certificate from the government.


Here are some important details about the SSC exams in 2024:


The exams will begin in February 2024.

They will conclude in March 2024.

The exam sessions will run from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM.

Each SSC exam will have a duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes.


The SSC Exam Routine for 2023 in Bangladesh is quite significant. This is an annual occurrence in which a significant number of pupils sit for the SSC exam. This test gives useful information for the government to assess Bangladesh’s literacy rate in addition to acting as an educational evaluation.


In 2023, SSC candidates will be distributed among 10 different education boards, including one madrasa board and one technical education board. To give you an idea, last year, a total of 13,15,002 students registered for the SSC exam. Interestingly, the majority of these students were registered under the Dhaka Education Board for the SSC Exam in 2023.


The SSC exams under the Dhaka Education Board, which were scheduled for tomorrow (Sunday, 14/5/23) and Monday (15/5/23), have been postponed. These exams are conducted by the Dhaka Education Board, and the educational institutions will remain closed during this period.

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Similarly, the exams that were supposed to be held on the upcoming Sunday and Monday under the Chittagong Education Board, Comilla Education Board, Barisal Education Board, Jessore Education Board, Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board, and Bangladesh Technical Education Board have also been postponed. However, SSC exams under these six boards, except for Dhaka, Rajshahi, Sylhet, Dinajpur, and Mymensingh boards, will proceed as scheduled on Sunday and Monday as planned.


Each of the eight education boards in Bangladesh has its own website where they will publish the SSC Exam results for 2023. You can find all the information about the SSC Exam on the website.


When SSC Exam 2023 will start?


As for when the SSC Exam for 2023 will begin, traditionally, SSC Exams are held in February. Nonetheless, the SSC Exam for this year is slated to begin on April 30, 2023, and run through March. SSC stands for Secondary School Certificate, and it’s an important examination.


Today, on Tuesday, the Bangladesh Education Board released a draft of the SSC Exam Schedule. Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Enamul Kader, has invited opinions and feedback on this SSC Routine for 2023. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the practical exams for all other subjects under these eight boards, initially scheduled from February 27 to March 5, will now take place from March 4 to 10, all starting at 10 AM, as per the release.


SSC New Routine 2023 PDF


The PDF version of the new SSC Exam Routine for 2023 is expected to be available around mid-February 2023. You’ll need to be patient and wait for its release. The Bangladesh education board will be responsible for publishing this routine. We’ll post it on our website as soon as it’s revealed as well because we always update it with the most recent information.


If you’re looking for the SSC Exam Routine for 2022, you don’t need to worry! We have uploaded the SSC Routine in both PDF and JPG formats. The Madrasha Education Board has already released its routine, and you can download it from the official website of the Bangladesh Education Board.


Will the SSC Exam Routine for 2023 be the same for all education boards?


Yes, the SSC Exam Routine for 2023 will be published simultaneously for all education boards. The SSC Exam is scheduled to commence at the same time across all education boards. Most likely, the SSC Exam Routine will be identical for all boards.


There are a lot of kids who take the SSC Exam each year, and this year is no different. The SSC Exam Routine for 2023 will be announced with the same schedule and regulations for all education boards in Bangladesh. Here’s a list of some specific routines for different boards:


  1. Dhaka Board SSC Routine
  2. Rajshahi Board SSC Exam Routine for 2023
  3. Chittagong Board SSC Exam Routine for 2023
  4. Jessore Board SSC Routine
  5. Comilla Board SSC Routine for 2023
  6. Sylhet Board SSC Routine in 2023
  7. Barisal Board SSC Exam Routine for 2023
  8. Dinajpur Board SSC Exam Routine for 2023
  9. Additionally, once the exams are conducted, you can expect the SSC Result for 2023 to be announced.

The SSC Exam Result for 2023 is expected to be released in March of that year. You can find the results for all education boards on our website, For reliable educational news pertaining to all Bangladeshi education boards, visit our website. Not only can you access the SSC Exam Routine, but you’ll also find the SSC Result for 2023 there. Leave a remark below or contact us via our Facebook page if you require information regarding the SSC Routine for the Bangladesh Education Board or if you have any questions.


SSC Exam Form Fill-up Notice 2023


The SSC Exam Form Fill-Up Notice for 2023, it was recently published on the Dhaka Education Board’s official website. The process for filling up the SSC exam forms will begin on December 15, 2022, and will continue until January 14, 2023. Every student can easily complete their form submission through the official website of the Dhaka board, which is Below, you’ll find the official notice for the upcoming SSC examination.

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We suggest that you obtain the SSC exam routine directly from the official website of the Bangladesh Education Board. While there are numerous other websites that offer the routine, it’s best to go to the official source for accuracy. However, if you prefer, you can also revisit our website when the routine is officially published. Our website is an excellent place to find your upcoming routine in PDF format during the routine release period.


SSC Routine 2023 Dhaka Board


The SSC Routine 2023 for the Dhaka Board is essential because it provides the timing and schedule for each exam. You may improve your chances of getting good SSC results and determine how much time you have to prepare for each subject before the test by using this SSC regimen.


SSC Routine 2024 Dinajpur board


In addition, the SSC Examination for 2024, as per the final decision of the Bangladesh education ministry, is set to commence in February 2024. However, please note that only group subjects examinations will be conducted for the SSC Exam in 2024. The official routine for these exams has been recently published by SHED. If you want to stay updated with the SSC Routine for the Dinajpur Board in 2024, be sure to visit our website regularly for the latest updates.


Rajshahi Board SSC Routine 2024


The Rajshahi Board in Bangladesh has recently released the SSC (Secondary School Certificate) examination routine for 2024. These exams are scheduled to take place from February to March 2024. You can easily access and download the latest SSC exam routine either through the link provided in this article or by visiting the official website of the Bangladesh Education Board at


Mymensingh Board SSC Routine 2024


If you have any questions or need information regarding the SSC exam routine for 2024 or the SSC results for all education boards, please don’t hesitate to ask. You can ask us questions in the comments area or send us a note on our Facebook page. We will get back to you with your questions as soon as we can.


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